My work in Sculpture and Painting
Is Instinctive
Movement is my challenge
Capture the moment
Make it mine
Render it with its strengths
And my dreams
Play with the energy of the body
Capture the power of the soul
Everything lives, Everything dances
Body and Heart

Dancing from a very young age, through high school- (Mary Rose Aries School of dance)Brigitte Leonelli continues her dancing evolution, while following Graduate Studies at la Sorbonne in Paris ( Center Goube – Cite Veron – Me Franchetti – Centre Stanlowa -Dani Kudo )

And begins to shape and build her own school (enlever together), where she will direct and guide for next thirty years.
Choreography is her passion. Her approach to dancing: Wake up the senses of every student’s internal soul through movement.

To enrich her own life experience, she turns to painting and sculpture.
From 2001 to 2014: Atelier Mary in Garches, Yann Kintgen in Vaucresson, Carre Des Arts and Antoine Renard, in La Celle Saint Cloud.
« One art form influences another » It is that very mixture that she loves to integrate in her creations.

Since 2015 she spends all her time in the Creative Arts, which become her ways of expression.
Always influenced by her passion for dance, she finds her essence in working with clay.
If movement is passing, in wanting to catch the moment in the earth’s mold, she catches the intention of the gesture, like a single heart beat.

She transcribes the bodies poetic movements by integrating them in theatrical productions and underlines the universal characteristics and sacred intents – by bringing them closer to nature and the animal kingdom.

· Member of Carré des Arts since 2010.
· Her sculptures: clay, resin and bronze.
· Her paintings: oils and acrylics.
· Exhibitions: Salon Des Beaux Arts in Garches ( 2009 and 2017 ).
· Salon Des Arts de Vaucresson (2009 through 2016).
· 105 à Rueil Malmaison (mai 2016).
· Open studio doors every year since 2012.
· Photography: Nicolas Delafont and Hubert de la Bouillerie 
· Web concept: monsieur madame